Africa is not a country.  It is actually the second biggest continent on the planet and the original hunting Safari destination.  Africa currently has 54 countries with the following in this list being the most popular for hunting, either presently or in the past, due to their legally-controlled and sustainable hunting practices:

  1. Benin (BEN)
  2. Botswana (BOT)
  3. Cameroon (CAM)
  4. Central African Republic (CAR)
  5. Ethiopia (ETH)
  6. Kenya (KEN)
  7. Morocco (MOR)
  8. Mozambique (MOZ)
  9. Namibia (NAM)
  10. Senegal (SEN)
  11. South Africa (SA)
  12. Tanzania (TAN)
  13. Uganda (UGA)
  14. Zambia (ZAM)
  15. Zimbabwe (ZIM)