Tiny 10

Going after these small antelope can be some of the most challenging hunting that Africa has to offer.  Most of the Tiny 10 species are usually hunted opportunistically, but there are Hunters that choose the more challenging option of hunting them deliberately, and with the overall objective of completing the Tiny 10 slam.  The most commonly agreed upon list of species that make up the Tiny 10 are, and in no particular order:

  1. Common Duiker (aka Grey Duiker; Southern Bush Duiker)
  2. Red Duiker (aka Natal Duiker)
  3. Blue Duiker
  4. Klipspringer
  5. Steenbuck
  6. Oribi
  7. Cape Grysbok
  8. Sharpe’s Grysbok
  9. Suni
  10. Dik Dik

The list above favours small antelope species that are commonly found in southern African countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.  There are many more Duiker and Dik Dik species that are not on this list and can be found in northern, western and eastern African countries.  Sometimes the Vaal Rhebuck and Mountain Reedbuck find themselves on Hunter’s Tiny 10 list, which are also not easy species to hunt deliberately. So the Tiny 10 list can vary depending on which part of Africa you find yourself hunting.