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The first rule of handling any weapon safely is to never point it at anything or anyone you are not willing to shoot and on a Hunting Video, this should also include the cameraman and the viewers (ie do not point a weapon directly at the camera). Even if the weapon has been unloaded and made safe, this first rule should be upheld at all times. Muzzle-discipline can get compromised momentarily, or there is a brief lapse in an HV (#WatchThatMuzzle) sometimes due to poor weapon handling by novice Hunters and sometimes even by experienced Hunters or Hunting teams that have to crawl through awkward spaces or a small hole in thick bush where the weapon (usually a rifle) faces directly forwards or backwards at other members of the Hunting Team. These situations are just unavoidable sometimes despite the best efforts of the weapon handler. In these instances, and in my opinion, this footage should never make the final cut of a Hunting Video as it sends the wrong message about weapon safety (especially for #JuniorHunters and #JuniorHuntresses) and instantly detracts from the actual hunting story.