20161115 Zebra-Rifle-TrackStalk BOT

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Botswana, Burchells Zebra, HuntGauge Academy, HuntGauge Gold, HuntGauge HVs, Zebra

Published by Cam’s Wild Life

One thought on “20161115 Zebra-Rifle-TrackStalk BOT”

  1. Hats off to this #Bowhunter who decided on the last day of the hunt to venture outside of the #AmbushBlind to deliberately #TrackStalk a zebra in red-hot Botswana bush. After getting busted several times #PerseverancePays when he #1Shot1KillOnTheSpot this stallion with a #DoubleRifle and #NoShootingRest. This is a must watch and share #HuntGauge Gold #HuntingVideo.


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