20180225 BlueWildebeest-Bow-AmbushWaterhole LMP, SA

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Blue Wildebeest, HuntGauge Guild, HuntGauge HVs, HuntGauge Silver, South Africa

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One thought on “20180225 BlueWildebeest-Bow-AmbushWaterhole LMP, SA”

  1. This #HuntingVideo is part 5 of 5, showcasing what it’s like to #bow hunt in blinds at #AmbushWaterholes. The final morning of hunting and a whole herd of Blue Wildebeest show up on the 11th hour for round two with this Hunter. This #HV has just about everything in its production including #Montage, #Flashback, #TimeLapse, #SoundtrackEditing and #SlowMoReplay. Awesome #HuntGauge Silver and Guild.


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