20170319 CapeBuffalo-Bow-WalkStalk FS, SA

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Cape Buffalo, HuntGauge Academy, HuntGauge Guild, HuntGauge HVs, HuntGauge Silver

Published by African Bowhunters


One thought on “20170319 CapeBuffalo-Bow-WalkStalk FS, SA”

  1. Unfortunately, this is an unsuccessful hunt but a very successful Hunting Video in my opinion. The bowhunting team got close to what looks like the dominant herd bull, which looked to be covered in dry mud in one scene, and then they shot at a bull in a different scene (looked a little younger than the first one?), unfortunately, there was limited arrow penetration and they wounded it. What really interests me is the use of drone mounted camera to assess the wounded bull which was tracked over the next two days. This is a clear use case, and my opinion ethical one, for when this technology should be deployed in the field. The bull was identified and determined to not be fatally or seriously wounded.


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